Introducing EMC20/20

The Clear Choice in Building Automation


So you can-

  • Perceive Challenges
  • Prevent Oversights
  • Prepare for the Future

We Bring You the Best in Building Automation


The EMC20/20 has been design to integrate into your building's existing control and sensing networks, saving you time and money.


By maintaining a flexible development model, the EMC20/20 is able to accomodate your building's needs. The EMC20/20 grows with you, as technology advances.


Thanks to the EMC20/20's open software architecture, systems seemlessly receive the latest updates and improvements, keeping you at the leading edge of Building Automation Systems(BAS) technology.


The EMC20/20's large, built-in touch screen allows you to monitor your system on site, while maintaining consistency with the mobile interface you use every day.


Dashboard 2.0

  • Check your building weather forecast

    Set your site towards the future with a convenient, local five day weather forecast.

  • Integrated water monitoring

    If you are a DEP customer, you can check your water usage straight from our dashboard.

  • Runtime chart

    Compare your building outside temperature with your boilers runtime.

  • Synchronous chart

    See more than ever before and recognize the details you need with your state-of-the-art dashboard.

  • Responsive Reports

    Go more in depth with multiple enhanced graphs and charts.

  • Data Export

    Pinpoint the data you have been looking for with upgraded data filters and formats. Data can be exported in multiple format including CSV, Excel and PDF, or print it straight from the browser window.


On Site

We work with our trusted distributors to give you a simple and effortless installation process.


Customize your alerts and alarms to give you the notices you need to act.

With You

Our software collects data from your building's sensors, 24/7, giving you the knowledge you need.

Anywhere You Go

About Us

We strive to give you the tools you need to monitor and control your building, both for your building's tenants and your bottom-line. That's why we make our systems flexible, to fit your building's demands and to give you the ability to adjust your Building Automation Systems(BAS) to your current and future needs.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality Building Automation Systems(BAS).
Our design and manufacturing center allows us to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality devices.

Thanks to our many years of experience in technology design, fabrication and testing, we are able to offer robust products which have been designed with maximal cost-savings in mind, while providing the kind of service and quality you expect.

With the ever increasing speed of technological change, we believe it is essential to continuously integrate the latest developments in building automation and sensing technology into our systems.
Thanks to our lean and agile development model, we are positioned to rapidly integrate such cuttting edge improvements for the benefit of our systems' building owners, managers and occupants.